Welkom op de site van Villajelena.

Villajelena is een gîte in de Var in Zuid Frankrijk met 2600 m2 tuin, een zwembad, eigen Jeu de Boules veld en uitzicht op wijngaarden. Villajelena is als vakantiewoning te huur.
Deze site is gemaakt in een weblog format waardoor de laatste post steeds bovenaan komt te staan. Door vanuit de verschillende menu's in de rechter balk te werken vindt u de informatie gesorteerd op categorie. Foto's op de site zijn in een groter formaat te bekijken door er op te klikken. Er rust copyright op alle foto's.

Welcome to Villajelena's website.
Villajelena is a gîte in the Var region in South of France with 2600 m2 garden, a swimming pool,
its own Jeu de Boules court and a view on vineyards. Villajelena is a holiday rental house.
This site was made using a weblog format thus putting the last post on top of the main page each time.
By using the different menu's from the sidebar on the right you can easily access information by category.
Photo's on this site can be viewed in a larger format by clicking on them. The photos are copyrighted.

4 augustus 2010

How does this site work?

This site is a weblog
This means that the structure and lay out are fairly static and we had to work with templates, which effects appearance and usability. A real website is more flexible.

Lay out
The biggest effect on the lay out is that the characteristics of a weblog or blog are that it is designed to display messages (blogposts) in reverse chronological order (last post first) as if it were a log or diary, so to speak. By adding a sidebar (in this blog's case the right column) you can add features that remain in place.

The good think about weblogs is that interaction is easier and often more frequent. Readers can reply directly to a blogpost by adding a message or question. This way, in theory, a blogpost can start a discussion.

We have tried to make navigating this weblog easier by placing links to the main pages on this site directly under the header text Villajelena, bienvenue.
This is achieved with permalinks. A permalink is a permanent link to a blogpost. Because blogpost are stored chronological by default, a new blogpost will appear on the first|main page at first but will be put further down by more recent blogposts. A permalink does not change!

The sidebar
Another way of navigating through this site is using the index feature in the right column (sidebar). All blogposts are stored there by category. If a distance is mentioned (in KM) it was calculated from the center of Vidauban! Depending on the location of the destination from Villajelena's POV the distance can be +/- 6km.

Reply, react & ask questions
After reading a specific blogpost you can leave a message or ask a question by clicking on reacties.  Please make sure your reply reflects on the content of the blogpost. If you ask a question the webmaster or owner will reply as soon as possible. Come back to the blogpost to review the answer.

To return to the home|main page (where you will find the index in the right column or sidebar again to search for specific blogposts) click on the header text: Villajelena, bienvenue on top of your screen. (Or click this link).

Guest Book 
This weblog does not feature a regular guestbook. For leaving guestbook messages please go to Villajelena's representation on We will, however,create a guestbook item/blogpost in which we will include (after permission of the author) messages that are left in the paper version of the guestbook and|or messages left on

If you want to leave a new guestbook message for this weblog, you can do so by sending it by e-mail to the content manager at

Links & more information
A common feature on websites is linking to other sites that give additional or referring information. We have done that too on this site. If you see text in red it means that you can click it to have access to more info. In the sidebar it's usually to other sites that give additional info. In the blogposts we sometimes link to a site that will give a definition of terms that are used. Example "What is a weblog?" refers to the Wikipedia article that explains what a weblog or blog is.

Keep track of new blogposts
By adding a webfeed you can keep track of new blogposts on this weblog. You may know RSS feed; this blog uses the open source application Atom. Go to the bottom of the (main) page of this weblog and click Abonneren op: berichten (Atom). A new tab will be added to your web browser to easy access all new blogposts of Villajelena, bienvenue!

Sharing information from this weblog?
If you see something on this weblog that you wish to share with others (and please do!) you can use the pictograms at the end of each blogpost. If you have a Twitter account, for example, you can click the t to almost automatically create a tweet for you to post on Twitter. Same goes for Facebook. By clicking the pictogram with the little red M, a dialogue box will open for you to send the blogpost by e-mail to friends and family!

If you have any questions or remarks about this site (we do appreciate feedback) please contact the content manager at

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